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Our trainings are creatively designed to assist individuals and professionals with a greater understanding of the concepts we use. We offer free tools and resources.

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Counseling and psychotherapy services are pathways to hope and we believe that we are here to guide you through some very challenging, perhaps even dark times in your life.


Take yourself to higher levels to reach your goals and follow your dreams by using a Positivity Pulse coach. Working one-on-one with your coach to lead change in your life will assist you.


In a world saturated with information, sometimes it is extremely confusing to know which service you need or even what the problem is. Consulting can be a way to.

Praise to Sherry Blair Institute

The Sherry Blair Institute for Inspirational Change is a most outstanding organization. Under the direction and leadership of the very accomplished and genuinely caring Sherry Blair, founder, and CEO, this magnificent organization is a true breath of fresh air that helps individuals, families, and organizations transition to and sustain a positive way of living that fosters growth and excellence. Sherry surrounds herself with a very competent and motivated staff to deliver the highest quality services and material. The tireless efforts of Sherry and her staff build on their successes to provide the very best methodologies and lasting inspiration that are truly long-lasting and extremely worthwhile for enhancing the quality of one’s life. With great respect and appreciation

Phil Rosen

Senior Health IT Professional, Leader, and Advocate

Daily Doses of Positivity

Daily Doses of Positivity is a perpetual calendar designed to increase positive emotion, teach you how to focus on strengths and build your social and emotional intelligence.

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