Who We Serve

Sherry Blair Institute for Inspirational change works with a variety of people and organizations.  Our mission to inspire positive change at home, work and play.


We provide heart-centered, rationale and positive psychological techniques as a foundation whether you are seeking coaching or counseling services. We individually tailor our services to your needs to help you lead change in your life. Getting you optimized is our goal to help you discover higher levels of satisfaction and happiness. Adult services are sensitive to your needs as a young, middle or “seasoned and sophisticated” adult.

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Young Children/Teens

Working with children of all ages to build them up from the inside out creates their Inner Wealth® and prepares them for the world with a strong sense of self, self-esteem and an ability to acquire higher levels of Emotional Intelligence. We believe that children need to acquire a solid social and emotional foundation, which is a proactive approach to better equipping them to navigate challenges in their lives.

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Strengthening all members of a family is key to creating positive and loving change to help all members of the family relate better. We teach effective communication, conflict resolution and positive interventions to create a peaceful home environment. We take pride in staying on top of trends to support parents in raising their children in this ever-changing world.

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Inspiring organizational leaders to create more happiness in the workplace assists them to increase performance and productivity. Teaching and applying the principles of servant leadership, leading change management, and positive psychology create the perfect storm for flourishing leaders, teams and organizations.

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Contact the Sherry Blair Institute to find out more or call our office at 973-746-0333 and our office staff will assist you Monday through Fridays, 10:00am — 5:00 pm EST.