5 questions to ask yourself before making a New Year's resolution

It is better to start your New Year’s resolution in the middle or even the end of January than to rush into it on Jan. 1 without a plan, according to Sherry Blair, founder of the Sherry Blair Institute for Inspirational Change.

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Attorney at Work

Five Tips for Making Positive Connections

We all have habitual ways of relating to other people, and chances are your habits haven’t changed much over the years. So ask yourself, does the way you communicate and behave foster positive relationships with …

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NBC News: Designer B. Olivacce Hosts NYC Fashion Week Empowerment Brunch

Panelists included radio host, Debbie Nigro of “The Debbie Nigro Show,” lifestyle fashion consultant, Porsha Sharpe, Sherry Blair, CEO of the Sherry Blair Institute and Princess Jenkins, owner of The Harlem Boutique. Louise Newsome, a director for the National Association of Professional Women, moderated.

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The Sacramento Bee

Merry Christmas! Now, can we talk about Donald Trump?

The Sacramento Bee quoted Sherry Blair of the USC School of Social Work about family tensions surrounding holiday get-togethers in Merry Christmas, Now Can We Talk About Trump?”

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Igniting Greatness in the Workplace

Howard Glasser and Catherine Stafford welcome our guests February 21, 2014. Alletta Bayer and Sherry Blair, co-authors of The Power to Change and The 7 Steps to Ignite Flourishing Leaders, In Teams and Organizations.. We invite you to listen in as they share ideas, tips and the Greatness that grows when The Nurtured Heart Approach is infused in businesses, agencies and more. Join us for this unique perspective and use of the Nurtured Heart Approach.

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Annenberg Media Center

Interview: Social worker Sherry Blair discusses psychological abuse in the digital age

Sherry Blair of USC’s School of Social Work speaks with host Omar Shamout about how the nature of domestic violence has changed in the digital age.

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Reader's Digest

7 New Year’s Resolutions Health Experts Wish You’d Really Make

Ditch those pie-in-the-sky New Year’s resolutions you make every year. With these doctor- and nutritionist-approved goals, you can be healthier and happier in the new year.

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Best in Baby Biz items on Carolina and Company LIVE 12/29/14

Jangala Tribal Warriors was featured Carolina Live!

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Business Report

Workplace etiquette

When working with others in a professional environment, it’s important that you present yourself in a way that makes a good impression on others and that will allow you to advance in your workplace.

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KAGS TV Interview

“When anybody who is a close caregiver mistreats you and puts your safety at risk, not only is it a physical abuse, but it’s emotional abuse. Going on to perhaps have challenges with personality disorders and worst case scenario can also have challenges interrelating,” Sherry Blair, a board certified professional counselor, said.

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Insight Tonight

Insight Tonight with Ashok Vyas June 6 2014 on WAR, Work Against Rape

Fri June 6, Insight Tonight with Ashok Vyas on WAR, Work Against Rape with Sherry Blair, Durant Singh and Attorney at Law Anand Ahuja

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The Debbie Nigro Show

Sherry Blair joins host Debbie on The Debbie Nigro Show, Feb 20th, 2015

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5 Ways You Know You Have a Toxic Boss

Sometimes the not-so-obvious reason you’re missing a lot of work lately is because, well, you’re downright depressed.

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10 Ways to DeClutter

10 Ways to De-Clutter and De-Stress by Positive Psychology Leader Sherry Blair

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Luso Americano

Luso Americano

Jangala was featured in an edition of Luso Americano for Jangala Day at Newark Public Library, Newark NJ

The spring issue of Hamovitch PI, the school’s research newsletter

It features stories on the role of our adjunct and clinical faculty members in bridging the gap between research and practice; a recent gathering of experts to discuss the effects of homelessness on women; and new research that has revealed more teens are using alternatives to cigarettes such as hookah and e-cigarettes.

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