Positive Psychology

The three pillars of positive psychology identified by Dr Martin Seligman are positive experience/emotion, positive individual traits and positive institutions. We are committed to helping individuals achieve higher levels of satisfaction with our focus to build on these pillars. Identify your signatures by completing the VIA Signature Strengths at www.authentichappiness.org.  Let us show how you can find “flow” the psychology of optimal experience by tapping into your signature strengths.

Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, a major contributor in today’s modern day scientific study of positive psychology has studied “flow” for almost 50 years. He has found that when we are in our flow state, time stands still and the person is completey engaged in that activity devoid of worries, negative thoughts or challenges.

Barbara Fredrickson, coined the genius of positive psychology by Marty Seligman presents stunning results in her research. By building positive emotion in individuals, we contribute to the internal resources that occurs in a broaden and build effect. We are better equipped to deal with adversity when we are internally in a state of positivity. Her recent findings in the study of love as our supreme emotion shows us how to have more meaningful relationships at home, work and play. Looking at love from this lens reveals that love is much more prolific than merely romantic love and it is the micro-moments of connection that have lasting power and this can happen even with a stranger!

We can show you how to work toward this experience whether it is for self-satisfaction, for your child or to influence your workplace. We believe in the power of working with people to increase positive individual traits as in character strengths and virtues. In Nurtured Heart® terms “Inner Wealth®.”




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