You have a legacy to build, a story to tell and a life to live!

Let us assist you to optimize your personal aging process

Topics We Can Help With

Loss & Grief

Loss is sometimes because we have loved so deeply-and other times it is not. It can hit us like a ton of bricks. Avoiding our feelings only makes you feel worse.

Family Conflict/Stress

Many family members mean well but can start to treat a loved one like a child, stripping that person of his or her personal dignity.

Hopeless and Unaccomplished

Finding meaning and a sense of purpose has great value at any age. You don’t have to stop dreaming because you are aging. They are just different dreams along this journey called life. Achieving goals, feeling accomplished and being engaged increase your positivity and well-being.

Overall every caregiver/parent who participated in the event stated that they noticed positive changes in how they react to situations that arise and are implementing the skills learned into their daily habits.

Ivette Garcia

Family Support Organization of Essex County, NJ


We believe that seniors are “seasoned and sophisticated” and bring incredible wisdom to our lives. You deserve dignity and respect and have the right to optimize your aging process. As leading positive psychology experts, we bring:

  • Positivity
  • Engagement in Life
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Meaning
  • Accomplishment

Optimizing Seniors Through Positivity

Positive Psychology & Aging

Research continues to show that our mindset about anything, including the aging process, makes a difference.

Thinking negatively about aging has been shown to decrease your cognitive functions and increase physical weakness.

No matter what you are going through, adding in positivity can help and we can show you how. We use it as Miracle Grow in life with our other services.

Nurtured Heart® Philosophy

We are New Jersey’s original Nurtured Heart Approach® in-home service provider.

As positive psychology experts, we believe this approach helps optimize anyone in life at home, work or play.

Based on The 3 Stands™, you learn how not to let negativity run your life; how to create more positivity and success; and how to uphold personal boundaries to maintain your dignity and respect.

Aging is an opportunity – a rite of  passage – deserving of dignity and respect. 

~Sherry Blair

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I learned to cut certain people from my life and became empowered to speak up for myself more and not be verbally abused.


More Information

The program was run very efficiently, attention to detail was evident. The content was not too technical, and was at the same time informative and backed by research and statistics. Sherry and her staff worked hard to incorporate videos into the program so that it was not all in lecture form. There were plenty of opportunities for participants to interact and ask questions, which I found to be particularly helpful, as we were participating remotely on our home computers.

The program itself was very helpful to me. Our family had become disconnected, and I was fearful of my eldest child’s behavior. He was causing quite a bit of upheaval in our home, and my husband and I were not able to discipline him or protect our youngest child from him. The program focused on methods that are simple yet not always evident when one is in a difficult situation.

However, when put into practice, the encouraging nature of the program became very easy to implement, and had a profoundly positive effect on my entire family. I was even able to teach the process to my husband, who did not have the opportunity to attend the workshop. My household is calmer, and we have been spending more calm quality time together – because of 7 Simple Steps to Nurture Your Heart. My children get along better, and I never hesitate to notice and comment on their positive interactions. My communication has improved with my husband. I focus on the positive, whereas I had in the past dwelt on the negative. Just like everyone, my husband likes to be complimented. By shifting my focus to the positive, I have become a more loving and nurturing wife and mother.

I highly recommend this program, whether or not you are in a crisis situation as my family has been. Change can seem difficult, but with 7 Simple Steps to Nurture Your Heart it can feel effortless.