Parenting Challenging Children with Power, Love and Sound Mind: The Nurtured Heart Approach from a Biblical Viewpoint

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Brigham Distributing (January 11, 2010)







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Licensed Clinical Social Worker Wendy A. West Pidkaminy has penned a compelling, important book especially for stressed-out Christian parents and caregivers. Inside, she carefully teaches an immensely successful and easy to understand method for raising and encouraging triumphant, ethical children and teens – no matter how difficult or challenging they may be at this moment or how dire their clinical diagnoses.

Based on the Nurtured Heart Approach developed by Howard Glasser, the strategy increases positive parental engagement with young children and teens in ways that nurture, inspire and guide them to uncover their inner wealth and harness it in ways that will carry them to their goals without circuitous routes and painful missteps along the way.