Fearless Parenting: Stepping Into Life’s Greatest Role with the Nurtured Heart Approach

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Arguing? Complaining? Nagging? Bargaining? Giving up? Bending rules? Begging? You need this book. In our most critical job, we often find ourselves in loops of negativity when it comes to parenting our intensely wonderful, but often challenging, children. Using the three stands of Howard Glasser’s Nurtured Heart Approach®, Tammy (Small) Fisher tackles common parenting dilemmas with the lens focused on children’s good choices, empowering parents to let go of ineffective habits of interaction and rediscover their own gifts and those of their children.

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An award-winning educator and parent coach for over 30 years, Fisher uses humor, anecdotes, activities and direct explanation to energize parents and those working with parents to adopt a transformative method of parenting. This is Tammy’s second book employing the Nurtured Heart Approach. Her first book, entitled There’s Always Something Going Right: Workbook for Implementing the Nurtured Heart Approach in School Settings (c. 2010), was co-authored with Louisa Triandis.