Daily Doses of Positivity – Pearls of Wisdom Pillars of Strength builds you up from the inside out to get more happiness, love and positivity in your life. You gain emotional mastery, a clear calm mind and love for self and others.

Our logo embraces values that symbolically represent what we believe, if upheld with undaunting purpose, would make this world heaven on earth.


The black and white represent diversity and a quest for love and equality among all people. The pearls represent the feminine power of wisdom and the pillars represent the masculine power of strength.


When we balance these divine powers within our beings, we create harmony. The energy of compassion and love toward one another prevails.


Lastly, the beautiful gradient blues represent the colors of the sea that connects us together as a human tribe. While we embrace the uniqueness found within our tribe, we realize that we are all one, standing together to make our world a better place.

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Daily Doses of Positivity is a perpetual calendar designed to increase positive emotion, teach you how to focus on strengths and build your social and emotional intelligence. The daily doses are also vessels to help you lead change in your life.