I have been working with children and families for over 25 years.

My extensive work experience in mental health services has allowed me the opportunity to work with a diverse population. Diverse in every sense of the word; race, age, religion, socioeconomic status, educational level and cultural backgrounds etc.

As a Family Preservation worker in Passaic County, I was able to work with families from impoverished and affluent communities. However, one common thread that I have noticed across all families, young and old, poor or not, regardless of resources, race or education is that everyone is doing the best they can with the resources and tools they have available. Everyone is trying to make it work for them and their families. In some cases, those tools are not effective causing crisis and breakdown in families’ dynamics. Unfortunately, resources and effective support are scarce.

Since 2001 to present I have been working in the Passaic Public school system; empowering children and families to realize their inner wealth by acknowledging their greatness and empowering them to recognize their strengths and potential. By teaching self-value regardless of circumstances and by addressing their issues and concerns through individual, group sessions, workshops, parenting classes, advocating skills and/or by reaching out to outside services and agencies as needed.

My first internship was at a homeless shelter in Paterson. Another great experience that allowed me to work with some of the most vulnerable and helpless populations. The mentally ill, drug addicted and displaced women and men of all ages.

I strongly believe that I have what it takes to become part of the Sherry Blair Institute. I am mature, compassionate, bilingual, experienced and most importantly, I love my job.

After the completion of my internship at the Jewish and Family Services in Clifton, New Jersey,

I was offered employment and I worked for a couple of months under the supervision of Ann Marie Ramos, a great supervisor who trained us in play therapy, CBT and DBT. I am not certified in either modality, however I am able to use the tools responsibly and effectively.

I welcome the opportunity and eagerly wait to become part of your great team.

Respectfully, Julieta A Tapia, LSW.


1984- I received my Bachelor in Psychology from Kean University

1991- Medical degree from Universidad Central Del Este; Dominican Republic.

1992-2000 – Home Building Training, ongoing training as a Family Preservation worker

2001- to Present – School Based Social worker in Passaic Public Schools

2013- Certification in Child Advocacy from Montclair University

2015- MSW from Rutgers University

2016- Breath for Change Yoga Teacher Certification

2016- NHA Certified Trainer.