Counseling/ Psychotherapy

  • Too much negativity in your life?
  • Disturbing thoughts disrupting your sleep, your relationships, your work life?
  • Going through a major change in your life and feel overwhelmed?
  • Don’t feel like getting out of bed or unmotivated to make a change in your life?

Supportive counseling and therapy can help reduce your suffering and increase positivity in your life. We have a team of therapists with unique training that can help you feel better, get better and stay better. We offer individual and family counseling services.

We wish we could undo the past and make it magically go away, but that is not possible. We can help you to gain some insight and understand the challenges and move toward solutions for healing and releasing the disturbing thoughts and intense emotion that is distressing you.

Sometimes you need some support when going through big life changes and we offer guidance and solutions in collaboration with you. We share our skills with you that you can easily use in your life. The power to change truly lies within you but together we can help you to feel psychologically and emotionally stronger.

Do you want to make a change or stay the way you are? It’s up to you!

Contact the Sherry Blair Institute to find out more or call our office at 973-746-0333 and our office staff will assist you Monday through Fridays, 10:00am — 5:00 pm EST.