I attended Montclair State University and received my Bachelor degree in Psychology.  During my time at Montclair, I spent time conducting research and writing journal articles, which a few have been published.  I have always had a strong respect for research and how it helps lead professionals in the right direction for treatment.  I still enjoy reading the latest articles and attending as many trainings as possible.  I believe we are never done learning and am so happy to know that I work for a establishment that holds that same value.  I started working for the Institute For Inspirational Change during my first year of my Masters in Social Work program.

That was almost 10 years ago!!  I have truly enjoyed growing from a behavioral assistant to a Masters Level therapist/manager to Licensed Level clinician and now as the Chief Operations Officer.  As a student, I had no intention on working with children in this capacity.  I had started school with the idea that I would  work with cancer patients and their families.  After starting at Sherry Blair – Institute for Inspirational Change, I realized my passion had changed.  I loved my time with the kids and the advantages being in their home provided. I changed my career goals and have never looked back!  In that past 10 years I have the honor to work with children between the ages of 4 and 21, with a wide array of emotional and behavioral health challenges as well as developmental disabilities.  As a clinician I have a strong inclination towards REBT/CBT approaches.  In recent years I have been trained in The Nurtured Heart Approach, which has only accelerated the positive effects of REBT/CBT.  I have been recently certified at the Albert Ellis Institute in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy for Children.  I am well versed in positive psychology and the Nurtured Heart Approach.  I am only one training away from a certification in child and adolescence from Rutgers University.  In the past, we had a Weekend Respite Program and we were trained in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention.  I have taken clinical supervision courses and the Field Work Instructor Certification. I am also certified to conduct needs assessments.  I am the Chief Operations Officer and the responsibilities of this role include, supervision, running the internship program, helping foster positive relationships with our system partners, hiring and training new employees, development and implementation of policies and help recognize our team for their hard work.  When working with families, my goals for treatment are always individually set.  However, I do have standards for myself on how I treat children and their families. My goal is to allow every child and family to be comfortable having me in their home, to have a reciprocal respect for each other and to help them reach the goals they set for themselves in the most uplifting, positive way possible.

Counties: Morris and Sussex