By Sherry A. Blair

A few years ago, I was compelled to share this beautiful leaf with my friends and family. While I was out with my dogs I was struck by this leaf. When I sent it to friends via text, many asked “is that real?leaf-image-sherry-blog-fall

Notice the tricolors in the leaf. I never saw one leaf that embodied these three colors in this way. It inspired me to think about change and how colorful it can be if we embrace change and allow ourselves to gradually move through each color as change occurs in our lives.

Take some time to savor this moment and to think about change in a colorful way. Open your mind and your heart to the words and sensations coming your way. Let this be the moment that you start the art and practice of Savoring Greatness in your life.

Interestingly if you were coming to a stop light or waiting for the light to change, we know that the yellow color is the one that is going to lead us into action. We are either going to slow down to prepare to stop for the red light or we are patiently (sometimes not so patiently) going to prepare to move forward when the light turns green. That would simply mean that we are running quickly to change. We can notice how determined we are and honor that or “reset” ourselves back to balance to slow down for safety. Either way we win by noticing the greatness within that choice.
Think about yellow as the process for moving through the stages of change and realize that sometimes you slow down or perhaps speed up as you change. Either way is okay. Allow yourself to sway with the motion of either slowing down or speeding up. Getting in tune with your inner rhythm helps to keep you in balance. Yellow is the color connected to the solar plexus chakra which helps get us in touch with our identity. Identify with your wide range of inner rhythms when moving with yellow change.

Green can be symbolic to transformation of change. Think of green as a new life as in spring green when see new leaves blooming preparing for a new season that gently sways over us in the gentleness of summer winds. Allow yourself to sway as you change. Feel the ebbs and flows. Be mindful of how you may feel. You may move into change with some trepidation while you are excited about how you are changing and moving toward your rebirth.

Green is also the representative color of the heart chakra which is the balance point for all chakras. A balanced heart chakra is expressed in acceptance of self and others, personal values and ethics, following one’s unique direction in life. A balanced Heart Chakra means expansion, freedom and growth.

When ridding yourself of negativity in your life at home, work and play your heart expands and you begin to feel liberated from the side effects of negativity. You grow and transform. Embracing green as this color of change brings you into balance and creates peace within you representing universal love and acceptance.

Red is the time we may need to stop and allow change into our lives. Take this time for savoring, meditation and reflection. Tsherry-heart-fireake time to breathe and trust in yourself and in knowing that change is colorful and with each color we unfold to more greatness and positivity. Allow your inner heart rhythms to flow through you.

Think of red as the fire of greatness that you are igniting within you. Red is the color of our blood symbolic of our life force and vitality. By nurturing the change of red in your Nurtured Heart life you are increasing your enthusiasm and interest and getting more energy. Red helps you gain protection from fear and anxiety thereby releasing you to acquire action and confidence to go after your dreams.