Our Vision

“Leading inspirational change to empower individuals, families and organizations to increase positive relationships at home, work and play.”

Our Mission

At Sherry Blair Institute for Inspirational Change, we believe in quality over quantity in our service delivery. We take pride in being grounded in ethical practice and finding creative, innovative and inspirational approaches to assist people in achieving their goals. We honor the uniqueness and beauty found in each individual, in every family and organization that we serve. We see ourselves as part of your team—guiding the change process to increase satisfaction and happiness in your life—as an individual, a parent, or as a leader.

As the new millennium began in 2000, our founder, Sherry Blair began providing counseling, coaching and business consulting services. She believed that people could improve their satisfaction in life if they could easily learn strategies. With what she likes to call a “synthesize and energize” approach, she works on the development of tools to make this a simple process as opposed to a long, drawn out ordeal. Many people want to “cut to the chase” and want to know what to do in order to feel better or to have improved relationships in their homes, with children or in their workplaces.

As a social entrepreneur and wanting to make change in a more powerful way to help children and families, Sherry began providing services in New Jersey’s Wraparound System of Care in 2003 and in the following year began building a team serving many counties in New Jersey.

Today, we continue to offer individual counseling and coaching services to children and families as well as serving schools and organizations to increase positive relationships at homes, in communities, in schools and in workplaces. We aspire to ensure that we provide quality driven services to anyone regardless of their socioeconomic status and continue to develop products and services to support that vision.

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Contact the Sherry Blair Institute to find out more or call our office at 973-746-0333 and our office staff will assist you Monday through Fridays, 10:00am — 5:00 pm EST.