My name is Abigail Cheriscat and I am a Behavioral Assistant with the Sherry Blaire Institute of Inspirational Change! I attained my degree in Family Science from Towson University, which suits one well in this line of work.  In choosing to study family science, I literally studied every aspect of every definition one can have for “the family” from relationships between each member, to each member’s relationship with themselves, no matter the age.  Human development and is also a large area of study within the Family Science realm. Apart from my studies, I have experience with families and children/adolescents/young adults ages 1-24 in helping with positive and appropriate development.  I also worked with them therapeutically to produce behavioral changes, self-confidence, and a positive mindset.  I’ve worked with populations in need areas of Baltimore, MD, and Washington DC as well as in areas of high socioeconomic status in Maryland.  I have always been a person of action, so when my services are needed, expect me to fully execute and nothing less. I am currently studying the Nurtured Heart Approach and realized that this philosophy yields real results and is the best approach to use when working with individuals, no matter the age group!  I work in Passaic, Morris, Union, Essex, Middlesex, Somerset and Hudson counties.