By Irene Maltzan

Halloween is around the corner and it brings joy to both children and adults. Giving us a day to be someone else and enjoy all the goodies we want without someone telling us we can’t. For those that are following a wellness plan to lose weight or battling a health condition, it can be taunting to have to get through Halloween without losing oghost-35852_640ur willpower. The good news is, whether you want to stay away from sugar or are actively trying to lose weight, there are many different choices available.

One idea is if you are tempted in your home to keep candy, then don’t. There are other choices. Mini pretzels are a welcome change for trick or treaters and are far less tempting. There is also Skinny Pop Popcorn in mini bags. There are many natural snack companies that make fruit snacks or gummies without food dyes or colors and less sugar. Buying packs of sugarless gum is also an alternative. Kids don’t mind! They get so much of the traditional candy and treats that they often welcome something different.

If you are vector-1640560_640absolutely craving candy, the best way to get over that is to buy the best dark organic chocolate – at least 65% cacao – and treat your self. Buy the smallest package possible. It allows you to indulge but in a healthy way. Dark chocolate is actually good for you in moderation.

When you buy your Halloween candy, ask yourself if you are buying it for yourself or the kids? If it’s for yourself, find another way that is healthier to treat yourself. Remember all the hard work you do! Keep in mind that in only one day, you can either support your health or sabotage it.

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