10 Ways to De-Clutter and De-Stress by Positive Psychology Leader Sherry Blair

Re-Write or Write Your Story: What do you want in your life? Who do you want to be? Release the shackles that hold you back from being and finding your personal truth. Find your meaning and purpose. Identify your core values for guiding your journey.

Increase Your Positivity Ratio. Negative emotions weigh more than positive emotion. We need healthy negative emotion but to prevent it from manifesting into unhealthy negative emotion, we need to increase the positive emotion we experience on a daily basis.

Use Rational Thinking. Irrational beliefs and cognitive distortions create self-defeating behaviors such as addictions, unhealthy relationships, procrastination to name a few. They also create unhealthy negative emotion: depression, anxiety, rage, etc. The practice of rational living clears your mind.

Choose Flourishing over Languishing: Think about the choices you make in every moment. Be aware of what you are sowing in your personal garden. Are you investing in positive psychological and social capital or are you allowing the weeds to grow?

Increase Laughter & Joy. Positive health is an outcome of increasing positive emotion and laughter truly opens us up even wider. Studies have shown that drama restricts our blood flow while comedy allows the flow. It’s a great stress reliever too.

What’s Love Got To Do With It? Everything. Recent research reveals love as the supreme emotion that is embodied in the micro-moments of connection that ripples through us at the cellular level.

Stop Being an On-Demand Channel. In a genre wired up to technology, we are bombarded and over-stimulated by information. We have become an on demand channel expected to respond within seconds when a family, friend or co-worker pings us. Your body is not meant to be on constant alert. It creates hyper-vigilant behaviors that negatively impact your stress levels.

Create Your Flourishing Guiding Coalition. Surround yourself with loving, positive and productive people whom support your vision. Be interdependent with them and treasure their presence in your life. It’s an oxytocin win-win connection.

Do It At Home, Work and Play. Practicing and applying these techniques work best when they invade every aspect of your life.

Peaceful Power. When you absorb the feeling and essence of peace within your heart, you have the power to keep your mind clear and the ability to connect to others in a profoundly meaningful way.

Engagement. Meaningful Accomplishment