Winter is often a time that people hibernate, just like bears.  We spend a lot more time indoors in general, especially if we live in a colder climate. This can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle as well, and possibly negative thoughts.

What’s interesting is that in January, we all start making our resolutions of what we’re going to do this year; work out, lose weight, go on a diet – all things that put additional pressure (and sometimes negativity if we feel like we’re not succeeding) on us.

So what can you do to help keep the positivity going?

Well, first, continue to read our Daily Doses of Positivity!  You can read them multiple times a day if you want!

And second, there are many options of websites and apps that may work for you to remind you to exercise, eat right, and continue to move!

One site I love is  What is great about this site is that it has a support system for positivity (see this article from May 2015 on how to have a positive attitude), exercise, eating right, and living strong (as the site name suggests).

Take time to think about yourself and reflect on all the good qualities you have.  If you have trouble motivating yourself to exercise, setup a routine with a buddy so you can keep each other on track.  Use a mobile app to remind you to think about these things in the winter months.

Enjoy life and keep thinking positive! :-)

With love,

Beth Hymowitz


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