By Roxanne Miller

Summer is over. I know that can sound a bit depressing, but I’m a “glass half-full” kinda girl and like to see September as a way to jump back into a health-focused routine. During the summer, we tend to hit complete vacation mode – school is done, we go away on trips, holidays, BBQ’s, family gatherings, day trips to the shore full of traditional treats we look forward to all year. As we relax, so does our diet and fitness regime. September brings the need to resume our routines – so why not focus on your health this year? Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  1. Makearistotle-what-we-repeatedly-do your schedule work for you! Do you work from home? Schedule a workout into your hours. Stay at home mom? Get dressed in your gym cloths and head to the gym after dropping your kids off at school: do not pass go, do not collect $200, do NOT get distracted. Are you a commuter? Schedule your PM cardio to walk to the bus or train station – you won’t have to worry about being sweaty PLUS whatever bags you’re carrying can be extra resistance 😉
  2. SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUT! That’s right! Block time in your busy day. We all live by our planners, and if something is scheduled in there, it’s a priority! Make your health a priority! Sign up for a class and make sure you make it! Some studios have late fees if you cancel last minute, which can be good motivation to show up ;).
  3. Find a workout buddy! A good partner goes a long way! For starters, its much more fun to work out with someone than it is by yourself. PLUS they hold you accountable! You wouldn’t want your friend to bail last minute on you, right? Let’s be honest here, you are less likely to bail on your friend than you are on yourself.
  4. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.” Smart man that Benjamin Franklin! This could be applied to fitness! It’s SO EASY to just go home after work, or decide to stay home instead of hitting the gym at 8 pm. So, if you know you have that tendency, rise with the sun and get your workout done! I know it can be difficult to leave the warmth of your bed, but I promise you that once you get up, you will be good to go. If you’re a tad sluggish in the morning, have some coffee or try a pre-workout (make sure your doctor approves!!) and you will be well on your way to killing it at the gym!
  5. Treat yourself…to some gym equipment! There are days when I know getting to the gym in the AM for cardio will be an issue, I know that I won’t want to do cardio after I lift and/or I’m trying to manage my time better. Solution? I use the Treadclimber as a backup! No need to get dressed up, no need to drive back and forth to the gym, no need to pack a bag of work cloths and shower there (which I really do not like doing) – just put on my sports bra and get to work!

When it comes to fitness, routine is key! Once you get used to a workout regime, getting to the gym becomes effortless and excuses are harder to be found. In fact, when you take time off from the gym, you’ll feel like something is off since your body is so used to the TLC! You may even find you have trouble figuring out what to do with the extra time…I know I do!

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