Is it a good idea to scare your child?

"Boo!" Or "boo-hoo"? Halloween is upon us once again and with it comes costumes, corn mazes, and candy (way, way too much candy). Halloween themes of thrills, chills, and all out horror on occasion are all in good fun, but it is important to be mindful of whether or...

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15 Ways To Teach Mindfulness To Kids

When you’re working hard to cultivate a positive, creative environment for your family and yourself, there are few more welcome discoveries than a practice you can share with your kids. Finding activities and exercises that all generations can enjoy and benefit from...

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Routine: The Key To Living A Healthy Life

By Roxanne Miller Summer is over. I know that can sound a bit depressing, but I’m a “glass half-full” kinda girl and like to see September as a way to jump back into a health-focused routine. During the summer, we tend to hit complete vacation mode – school is done,...

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Transitioning Back to School

By Connie Masullo I don’t know about you but when I see the back to school supplies show up in the grocery store, I can feel my own anxiety rise!  How can summer be over already?  After a summer of sun, fun and hopefully a lighter schedule, how do we transition back...

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Back To Routine…Back To Nutrition

By Irene Maltzan It’s that time of year again where summer is ending. Back to school signs and merchandise are displayed everywhere. It is often a happy time for parents, but not so much for kids and teachers. The break for summer is well needed, but after too much of...

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Mindfulness & Nutrition

by Irene Maltzan I don’t believe diets fail because of willpower. It goes much deeper than that. Stress and being on autopilot is usually the culprit. I see clients every week and most have the same issues that they can’t seem to get to the core of. Why can’t they...

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